The Rest of the Story, A Community Based Writing Curriculum

In the Fall of 2014, MPM conducted his community based writing and healing curriculum with Crittenton Women's Union, as part of Crittenton's efforts to help women to transition out of poverty and into a life of self-sufficiency and agency. The CWU pilot project was named "Close to Home: Reflection on Poverty, Perseverance & Promise," and it culminated at a public reading and photo and text exhibition at the Massachusetts Statehouse.


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The successful curriculum, called "The Rest of the Story" is being made available to different agencies and community groups, and is currently being implemented at the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute with a three-year grant from Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance. 

Writing To Heal From Trauma: Women Pen Memoirs With Help From Michael Patrick MacDonald
BUR Interview with MPM and participant Jennifer Hall 

Bouncing Back From Trauma Through Writing
WGBH Interview with Michael and Tina Chery

Helping Families Of Gun Violence Grieve
Michael and Tina Chery of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute speak to Jim Braude on WGBH's Greater Boston

What we want to do is simply give our fellow survivors the opportunity to use storytelling to transform trauma and find voice – which ultimately means finding agency. When we, as survivors, do that, we are in charge of the rest of the story, the "what next?" -MPM

We all have a story beyond the trauma and we all have a voice to tell that story. In this workshop, participants use writing and storytelling as tools for healing and transformation!

If you would like to implement this curriculum which explores the ways to transform pain into power and action, please contact Michael.

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