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Readers everywhere have been grateful for the ways Michael Patrick MacDonald has helped complete South Boston’s story, and he says as he continues to travel and talk about his own writing he’s learned the idea young people connect with most is how powerful it can be to share their own stories and the “possibility of transforming trauma into voice.” It’s a critical lesson for all young people and for all of us—and especially for those who’ve experienced some of the same kinds of family and community poverty, violence, and addiction, for whom breaking silences and realizing they are not alone can be life-changing. “I found my voice long before I became a writer in community organizing. That’s where I found my voice, where I was able to take all that pain and transform it into something useful in the world, and I never looked back.” Michael Patrick MacDonald is a storyteller. Michael recently encouraged the crowd of young leaders at the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools’® National Training to understand the power of storytelling to create change.
Marian Wright Edelman, President of Children's Defense Fund

Michael Patrick MacDonald's presentation at the College of General Studies, Boston University riveted the audience of students and faculty as he made powerful and illuminating connections between his family tragedies and the social, economic and political forces that shaped Boston, and particularly South Boston, during his childhood and young adult years. MacDonald engaged audience members in a lively question-and-answer session after his talk and stayed afterward to speak one-on-one with many grateful attendees.
– Boston University


The conference was great and Michael Patrick MacDonald was FABULOUS!!! His message hit home with many participants. Michael was professional, passionate and motivational. Some feedback included: “Wow, unbelievable story – way to use it to change lives”; “A different and true perspective – right from the source of poverty and pain, thank you”; “Incredible story!!!”.  
White Earth Reservation Child Care Program, MN


Michael Patrick MacDonald gave a powerful speech that enthralled our audience. He opened a door to a world few knew existed and shared a riveting story of survival and resilience. He’s a compelling storyteller not only on the page, but also in person. Michael Patrick MacDonald takes something as simple as loss and mourning to help bridge racial divides and help others find their voice. His powerful speech resonated across the room in equal parts pain and hope. His is a story all should hear.
The Funders Network


Michael did a fantastic job and wowed the audience with his poignant personal story!
– United Way of Massachusetts Bay


Great, great, great! We loved Michael. He was very flexible and gracious and generous with his time. His talk was terrific. We'd host him again in a second.
– University of Alaska, Anchorage


The event went extraordinarily well. Everything worked out perfectly and the talk MPM gave was excellent. Our students are still talking about it. I’ve taught All Souls in seven different classes now, and in each case my students found it the most valuable and enjoyable book on the syllabus. Students come away with a healthy skepticism about any too-easy analysis or solutions to complex social problems. Above all, students come away from MacDonald’s talk, admiring his honesty and persisting courage.
– University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul, MN


This marks the sixth term I have taught All Souls which means I have read roughly 200 Final Essays on the book. I am astounded by the way the students - very few of whom are at all interested in reading any type of book - write such incredible stuff. All Souls really, really gets to them. What a treat - what a book! When Michael Patrick MacDonald spoke to our students in a general assembly, they were rapt, and during his signing you would think they were meeting a rock star.    
– Springfield
Technical Community College